Ondřej Vrabec became teacher of horn at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague!!! He will conduct two performances at the Leoš Janáček Music Marathon in October!!! A brand new CD of Benda Chamber Orchestra will be baptised on 16th of October. It contains virtuoso concerto for 2 horns by F. X. Pokorný recorded by Ondřej Vrabec and Hana Sapáková!!!    

What is the horn clinic?

"Hornists for themselves" - I dared to paraphrase the motto inscribed over the proscenium of the National Theater - our national symbol, because it gives the best picture of the heart and teaching of this internet workshop. It should be a flea market of information, a place where whowever of us may give or receive a good advice, observation, experience, trick...The goods offered here are seemingly commonplace but they provide golden advice especially for young beginning players, whose lifelong study tour through the field of horn play (a hard lot indeed) is still before them. This clinic will save them much effort, time and nerves. According to Murphy's Law the essential information is usually the worst accessible information, this is twice as valid for basic levels of musical education. For these cases there is the horn clinic in our age of modern internet communication.


The queries whose nature is generally valid for each of us will be posted as permanent articles in the horn clinic. As for other questions, questions of individual concern, only the inquirer will receive an answer. A branch of this horn clinic is available also in Japan thanks to generous technical support of the And Vision Company Inc. Tokio