On behalf of an personal invitation by Maestro Sir John Eliot Gardiner, Ondřej opened the Anime Mundi International Festival in Pisa by performance of Saint Ludmila oratorio by Antonín Dvořák!!! In January 2017 he will debut in Tokio with the New Japan Philharmonic!!!     

About wine


Wine... Besides water, it is the most perfect beverage, on which nature has a patent. It has accompanied human civilizations from cradle to grave and neither our civilization is trying to be an exception. It has no equal in the world for its variety of smells, tastes and types. Unfortunately the time measured out for human life is not sufficient to discover all faces of wine. However, it is so beautiful to try.... The wine pages are here so that you do not unnecessarily get lost on your way!


Do not miss the captivating reports from visits of the most progressive Czech and foreign vinicultures (Wine Journeys).


Do you want to know my opinion about a particular wine or are you looking for a good tip for a present? On these pages you can find lists of hundreds of wines from the whole world I personally degustated, including an evaluation in the professionally used hundred - point range (Wines Rating). The data are regularly updated.


Wines with an absolutely extraordinary price and quality ratio are represented in "The Wine of the Month" on the front page. The article "The wines you must taste" in the section "Of special interest" summarizes receptive descriptions and pictures of labels of all the wines, chosen for this section from the beginnings of this web. It is there, where you are also going to discover what technical miracles are moving the world of wine forward nowadays. In the dialogues called "5 questions for…" remarkable personalities, whose life courses are linked with wine, reveal to you in a witty manner a background of this symbiosis.


I wish you more than one enjoyable moment spent in the company of this delicious beverage

                                                                                                    Yours Ondřej Vrabec